Are you feeling lost, unhappy, or just plain tired? Have you been searching for answers but don't really know what you are questioning? Do you believe that there must be more to this life than what you are experiencing?

Herein lies the problem for most people. In the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life, there are deep voids that are leaving people feeling more and more unfulfilled. In Life Reset, Nasira Jamal reveals how her own life journey helped answer these very questions. Nasira's heart wish is to help others find their own bliss and joy by sharing the strategies she learned on her journey.


  • You can finally create a life of abundance both personally and professionally by creating your path of least resistance.
  • You can reprogram old destructive patterns of thought so that you can finally live in harmony with the universe.
  • You can manifest your dreams into reality easily and effectively.
  • You can reconnect with your true self and discover your life purpose.


This book is designed to help you easily connect you to your true essence and fulfill your life purpose. Each chapter sets out easy strategies to help heal your mind, body and soul so that you can start living a life of personal and financial abundance.

  • To learn to silence your mind so you can hear your heart's voice.
  • Your body is your sacred temple.
  • Your true essence lies in connecting to your soul.
  • You are abundant by nature.
  • You are hardwired for love.
  • Your health is wealth.
  • Laughter is the best medicine.
  • To embrace each victory and challenge that your life provides to understand your life purpose.
  • To manifest your life's desires as your birth right.

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“In a world of instant gratification, Nasira invites you to stop, take a look, and acknowledge what goes on within. Realize that by shutting out the noise, you can recognize and solve issues within yourself and make the right changes to lead the life you want to live.”

—Susie Nelsen
Author of Finishing Well

“In this book, Nasira shares her life's wisdom, truly from the heart and encourages the reader to heal from the inside out, just as she did. Within each chapter, she provides practical strategies always focusing on the valuable reminder to take small steps, but take the steps we must to look inside and create the abundant life we deserve. This book is amazing!”

—Gillian Stevens
Author of Explore Transform Flourish

Life Reset is all about your happiness. It focuses on prioritizing yourself to be who and what you want to be as a way to achieve your goals in life. This is ground-breaking stuff. Congratulations, Nasira!”

—Virginia Phillips
Author of Yes, You Can!

“‘You are your biggest enemy.’ This rings especially true in this book. Nasira encourages us to live a life of our own accord and to dictate our own happiness. The only thing in the way of your success is yourself. Great work, Nasira!”

—Nicole Normand
Author of Why Not You?

“This book is clear and concise and offers spiritual information which allows us to see things from a higher perceptive and guides us to connect on a deeper level. Thank you for offering us the tools and solutions to solve daily life problems and making conscious choices.”

—Teresa Hanhiae Bombino
Spiritual Medium/Channeller, Combined Energy Therapist, Holistic Psychotherapist.

“When my good friend referred me to her friend “Nasira”, I was very reluctant at first. I wasn’t sure what to expect, how comfortable I would be with someone who I had never met and if working with an empowerment coach even did anything. Boy, was I wrong! I still remember my first time meeting Nasira, her warmth and kind aura was overwhelmingly beautiful. She spent the time to listen to me, like really listen. I have never felt so comfortable with someone meeting them the first time, it was amazing. Our journeys have similar themes, and seeing how she turned her life around inspired me to try and do the same. Taking her advice and having her use her enchanting and pure energy to heal has shifted me without me even realizing. Nasira gets it, she tells her story to show you the possibilities. She inspires with her words and her experiences. She connected to my soul and my soul responded to her kindness and sincerity without any hesitation. Thank you Nasira!”

—Meetu Sandhu

“In a fast-paced, competitive, disruptive world Nasira encourages her readers to slow down, clear their heads, and listen to their hearts. If more people did this, then more people would be pursuing the meaning versus the money. More people would live happy and fulfilled lives. More people would leave their legacy upon the world. In simple and easy to implement steps, Nasira's book shows you how.”

— James Arthur Ray
Leadership and Performance Advisor, Inc. 500 Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author of Harmonic Wealth